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Build A Treehouse


I stand tall with levels to explore,
Assemble me right, and let your dreams soar.
Playmates can share, harmoniously engaged,
Girls and boys alike, captivated and engaged.

Yes, dear adventurers, our tree house is the answer you seek.

It's not just any ordinary playset—it's a gateway to a world of boundless creativity and shared play. Assemble it in various ways, following the instructions or defying them, because in the realm of imagination, there are no limits!

Our tree house comes with an array of delightful extras that will leave your little ones spellbound. Picture a crane and load, retractable stairs, a rope ladder, a water well, and even a bucket on a pulley!

And let's not forget the look-out, blocks, and pegs for creating mesmerizing spiral stairs.

It's a treasure trove of endless fun!

Cleaning up? No worries! A simple wipe with a damp cloth and some fresh air will have our tree house looking good as new!

So, embrace the adventure that awaits! Grab your own 24" tall wooden tree house and let your little ones' imaginations bloom like never before. Unleash the magic, my friends!

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Build A Treehouse



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