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Indoor Scavenger Hunt Board


Introducing our Seek & Tick Chalkboard—a game changer for recognition and memory! 

This clever board lists 14 household items for your little detectives to find.

Armed with chalk or a chalkboard pen, they'll tick off each item as they locate them.

But why stop there?

Amp up the excitement by setting a timer or offering a prize for the fastest finder.

It's a race to the finish line of fun and discovery! 

Crafted from locally sourced sustainable timber and lovingly finished with natural beeswax, these boards not only challenge young minds but also care for our planet.

It's a win-win for eco-conscious playtime! 

So, why wait? Get your hands on this game-changing Seek & Tick Chalkboard today and watch the excitement and brainpower soar.

It's time to challenge, tick, and conquer household mysteries like never before! 

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Indoor Scavenger Hunt Board



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