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Land of Dough: Planet Earth


Embark on an earth-transforming adventure with our Walnut Earth Playdough!

Part art, part science, and all fun, this playdough takes on the rich brown hues of a walnut as you mix, mold, and create.

It's a mesmerizing transformation that will transport you to the wonders of our Earth!

Handcrafted with care from food-grade ingredients, Land of Dough is made with rich vegetable dyes and pure essential oils. 

And the best part? It's 100% compostable, from the playdough itself to the eco-friendly packaging.

So, let your imagination soar as you shape mountains, mold rivers, and sculpt landscapes in the beautiful walnut color of our planet. Explore the fascinating textures and natural hues, all while knowing that you're enjoying sustainable playdough that celebrates the beauty of nature.

With Land of Dough, you're not just playing, you're creating a greener world, one earthy creation at a time. Get ready for an earth-shaking adventure of art and science!

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Land of Dough: Planet Earth



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