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Land of Dough - Under The Sea


Dive into an oceanic adventure with our Under the Sea Playdough!

Get ready to make a splash as this playdough magically turns to a vibrant shade of blue when mixed and molded.

It's an underwater transformation that will ignite the imagination and bring the ocean to life!

Handcrafted with care from food-grade ingredients, Land of Dough is made with rich vegetable dyes and pure essential oils. Plus, it's 100% compostable, including the packaging. Say goodbye to make-believe and hello to eco-friendly play that's both beautiful and sustainable. With every cup of Land of Dough, you'll discover a world of wonder waiting to be explored beneath the waves.

So, let your creativity swim freely and your imagination dive deep. Mold magnificent sea creatures, sculpt coral reefs, and create your very own underwater adventures. With Land of Dough, the possibilities are as endless as the ocean itself. Dive into a land of sensory fun, where the magic of the sea comes to life! 🌊🐠✨

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Land of Dough - Under The Sea



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