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Wooden Egg-pressions: Set of 20


Get ready to crack open a world of emotions with our egg face set! This whimsical set contains not just one, not two, but 10 sets—yes, a whopping 20 pieces—to ignite your child's emotional development and language skills. It's a cracking good time!

With these expressive egg faces, your child will have the perfect tool to explore and express a wide range of emotions. From joy to surprise, from sadness to excitement, they'll dive deep into the sea of emotions, gaining a better understanding of themselves and those around them. It's like a masterclass in emotional intelligence, served sunny-side up!

It's time to whisk away their curiosity, stir their empathy, and scramble up some fun conversations. Order now and let the emotional adventure begin!

Made in Australia.

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Wooden Egg-pressions: Set of 20



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